One Way by Dorsey Howard

Making wrong choices can become addictive. It may start out simple, such as telling a lie to your parents or slipping a pack of gum into your pocket when visiting the local store. Those wrong choices, or “left turns” as Dorsey Howard, Jr. calls them, can quickly begin a downward spiral in your life. In “One Way – Short Stories About Left Turns,” Dorsey shares about the consequences of a life that is full of left turns. He knows this from experience. While several of the stories are fictional, many are based on actual events that happened in Dorsey’s life. Growing up in one of the toughest housing projects in Chicago, Dorsey endured and survived a life filled with left turns, including gangs, drugs, violence and prison. His stories inspire us to take a look at our lives and evaluate the “left turns” we are making.


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Dorsey Howard

Dorsey “Dee” Howard, Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois.  As a youngster, Dee started out as a straight “A” student.  That changed very quickly when his parents separated and he found himself living in the Robert Taylor Homes, a Chicago housing project that was notorious for gangs, drugs, and violence.  Dee quickly found himself adapting to his environment and by the age of eleven had become affiliated with a gang.  Dee’s teenage and young adult years were filled with drugs, violence, and prison.  Dee attended the funerals of many childhood friends and was almost beaten to death on at least 3 occasions. Dee’s life now is a story of redemption.  While Dee was incarcerated in prison, he made a decision to stop making “left turns.”  He earned his GED and attended college.  Dee’s passion is to share his knowledge with people, young and old, and to help them realize that it is never too late to make “right turns” in their lives.  Dee currently resides in Minnesota.