Moving From Religion To Relationship: A Journey Toward Spiritual Identity and Purpose by Neisha-Ann Thompson


The story of the Prodigal Son shows us that while it is possible to stray away from the Father’s House, it is equally possible to remain in the House, religiously abiding by the rules, and still not feel close to the Father or feel like a recipient of the benefits of sonship. A life rooted purely in religion (i.e. rules/legalism) often results in feelings of estrangement from God and deep frustration/dissatisfaction with self. Moving From Religion To Relationship gives an honest and transparent account of the author’s personal transition, and will cause you to reflect on where you currently find yourself in relation to your Heavenly Father. Our journey with God was never intended to be based on empty rules, man’s opinions, or a check list of perfection; but on the atoning love sacrifice made for us on Calvary. Attraversiamo!  

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Neisha-Ann Thompson

  NEISHA-ANN THOMPSON is a student, mentor, speaker, and most importantly, a disciple of Christ. Having a heart for ministry and a passion for God’s Word, she is dedicated to empowering and helping others discover their purpose and spiritual identity. Check out her blog at, join her on the Midnight Cry prayer call every weeknight, or connect with her on Twitter – @ApprovedByHim