Intensive Faith Therapy

by Vanessa Collins

Has your faith ever been shaken by the storms of life? Do you feel as if you’ve prayed to God according to HIS promises and the prayers appear to go unanswered? Trials and tribulations in life can cause a person to doubt God as well as their own faith. How do we continue to seek God’s face for solutions when the pressures of life tend to weigh us down? Many times we find ourselves feeling that God has not delivered on His promises. We have believed God to the best of our abilities, yet we have not received what we have expected. This results in our faith being hurt and injured.

Minister and Author Vanessa Collins give answers in her book, “Intensive Faith Therapy.” Intensive Faith Therapy is an intense examination of our trust, hope, faith, praise and thoughts toward God. Discover the three conditions that must be met in order for God to grant the desires of your heart (one of which involves laughter), how your attitude about worship affects the manifestation of God in your life, and even ways to repair your faith in the face of disaster and so much more.

Learn more about Intensive Faith Therapy on the book’s official website and listen to the audio book for free.

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Vanessa Collins

Vanessa Collins is a minister, author, speaker, seminar leader, coach and entrepreneur.  She is founder of the online Bible Study ministry, Intensive Faith Ministries International. She has over 20 years of experience in church leadership, youth and women’s ministries, teaching, evangelism (jail ministry), church administration (including finance and bookkeeping), and program coordination.

Rev. Collins hosts a Morning Empowerment Call each morning, Monday through Friday at 8 AM (EST). This 20 minute inspirational call consists of a daily scripture, meditation and affirmation/prayer for the day.  The conference call number is 218-862-7200, Access code 289480.

Vanessa is co-owner of Heart Thoughts Publishing and has written several books including, “Intensive Faith Therapy,” “The Promises of God,” and the “The Promises of Jesus.” Along with being an author, Vanessa is co-owner of V & A Consulting with Arlene Bell. They own and operate Heart Thoughts Publishing Company and Worship Moments Recording Label. In addition to Vanessa’s book titles, Heart Thoughts Publishing has published a number of titles from gifted authors including Lawrence Perkins and Dorsey Howard. Worship Moments released its first audio product, “The Words We Speak,” a Christian meditation, written by Vanessa Collins with voice and music by Bob Doyle/Boundless Music.

Vanessa also owns Vanessa Collins LLC which is business coaching and consulting firm specializing in author/publishing coaching, social media branding, and business planning. Vanessa Collins Online is Vanessa’s quarterly magazine publication. This Christian based publication is packed with articles that are truly inspirational, motivational and educational. They cover everything from praising God to how to save at the grocery store. They feature veteran writers as well as some new and upcoming talent.

Vanessa recently launched 2 new online training programs. Intensive Faith Therapy Personal Success Lifestyle is free teaching series designed to help support your personal success. Topics include: The Mind, Imagination, Discovering Your Purpose and Passion, Affirmations, Releasing Doubts and Fears, Meditation, Visualization, and Imaginative Prayer.  Write and Publish Your Book in 5 Months™ is paid training series that will you through the writing and publishing process, regardless of where you are starting from.

Vanessa received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, graduating with honors. She worked as an Environmental Engineer for Amoco Corporation for 13 years and served as Administrator/Teacher for the Hazel Young Academy for 8 years.