Fifty Shades of Faith

by Stephanie Flores


In life there are times of great joy and great sorrow. Anyone can love God in the good, in the sunshine. But even in the sunshine things can get too hot and we at times seek comfort in the cool of the shade. When the heat of this life gets turned up, do you trust Him to give you relief? As you read each “shade of faith,” know that He is always there watching over you, calling you into the shade: His shadow of comfort over your life.

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Stephanie Flores

Stephanie Flores is a minister, life coach, inspirational speaker and gifted vocalist. She is known for her warm, loving and beautiful personality that makes everyone she comes into contact with feel God’s love. Stephanie has served in a number of leadership positions including Bible teacher, Praise and Worship leader and Women Ministry leader. She currently serves as a music teacher and program developer for a Christian school in Missouri. Stephanie has been married for 23 years to former NFL Lineman Mike Flores. They have 7 children and 5 grandchildren. Stephanie is originally from Indiana but currently resides in Missouri.