Every Day a Winner

by Aaron Gilbert

We have physical characteristics that we get from our parents. We also can inherit other personality traits that our parents have. These physical features and personality traits make it easy to identify who we belong to. When we received the free gift of salvation, we were born into the family of God. One of the benefits we receive, because we are part of God’s family, is victory.  When Jesus died on the cross, it gave us the opportunity to experience victory in every situation. This book deals with a variety of topics ranging from love, patience, and walking in integrity. It is my prayer that these devotionals will challenge people, but also inspire them to be the best in every area of their lives. It doesn’t matter what we go through, because we identity with Christ, we are victorious.


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Aaron Gilbert

Aaron Gilbert is an educator in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an avid sports and music fan. His love for writing began in 2006 when he started writing songs. He later transitioned to writing devotionals on Facebook. God gave Aaron the vision about his book in 2010. Aaron is a lover of all people. He loves to help and encourage people to be the best they can be. He believes that everyone has the potential to be winners. His prayer is that this book will help people realize the winners they are called to be.